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Pro analytical tools for smarter trading decisions
Bot Builder, Live Trading, Marketplace
Communication tool for the global financial community
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We equip the global financial community


Deep Insights and better decisions

We give you the ultimate set of tools for analysing financial markets and more effective trading

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Drag & Drop, Backtest, Trade!

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Make connections that matter

Make calls, share trade ideas, charts and analytics with a global financial community all via our secure platform

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We work to make sophisticated tech solutions available to everyone

Our mission is to equip everyone – from the novice trader to experienced experts – with the toolbox and insights they need to maximize their potential.

A corner-stone for the crypto revolution to become a long-lasting success is a well-functioning market place that ensures that crypto-assets are valued correctly and are traded easily.

About the company and team

Unique features you were waiting for

Algo trading with no coding

Use a pre-defined set of components and design your strategy with minimal clicks of the mouse

Any type of financial
instruments and orders

Not only crypto, you have them all. FIX object layer supports any type of financial instruments. And you have multiple order types available to fit all of your ideas.

Marketplace of strategies,
data and more

Search profitable quantitative strategies and launch their automated trading with a click of a button. Or loan your strategies and make money.

Pro Communities

Explore the Rooms of market pros and industry vets for access to exclusive content. Open and Private. Free and with paid subscription.

Monitor latest news and twits

Make better trade decisions and stay informed right in the Messenger, Terminal and TradeLab environment

Customizable layout

We've built a fast and reliable framework so now you can arrange components and widgets to personal needs

Soon on mobile!

We are building a rockstar mobile application with all the tools you need when you're on the go
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Research & News

What future for Crypto?

Bitcoin price lost half of its value since April. Chinese authorities started an unprecedented crackdown against domestic Bitcoin miners, which accounted in 2020 for around 65% of global Bitcoin production. In addition, regulators are hindering the activities of crypto exchanges. So what does the future hold for Bitcoin and Co?

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