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July 25, 2020

Darqube was successfully funded!

Proudly raised with
Thank you to our 599 investors. We are so pleased with the support we've received in our crowdfunding campaign. We raised 140%+ with more than £420,000 funded!

Investor Perks & Benefits

Besides share ownership in our company, investors will also get below rewards & discounts for any paid plan based on their investment amount:
Investment reward
1 Month Free
10% for next 12 Months
2 Months Free
20% for next 12 Months
3 Months Free
30% for next 12 Months
6 Months Free
40% for next 12 Months
9 Months Free
50% for next 12 Months
Lifetime Premium Support
Lifetime premium support
1 Year Free
60% for next 12 Months
Lifetime Premium Support
Lifetime premium support
Please note that any discounts, rewards and/or offers listed by a company in its campaign are subject to the terms and conditions applied by that company. It is the company’s responsibility to honour such discounts, rewards and/or offers and Seedrs does not take any responsibility for them.
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