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Pro analytical tools for smarter trading decisions
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Communication tool for the global financial community
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Bring your trading skills to the next level with deep insights and advanced trading analytics

Darqube Terminal meets the needs of investors and traders in a single cross-asset class analytical platform that is both easy to use and cost-effective
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What you get with Terminal

Better trading decisions. Cross-asset

Due to Real-time and Historical data analysis, Quantitative Modelling & Portfolio analytics.

Use cutting edge research technology to simplify your investment asset selection and make better and faster trading decisions.

Calculate scenario analysis, correlations, volatilities and returns for a variety of asset types and markets.

Quick answers and charting tools

Pinpoint the information you need, quickly and easily with our proprietary natural language search engine. Powerful charting tools seamlessly integrated with search and other core capabilities help you quickly grasp and act on large amounts of information.

Fully customizable layout

Create fully customizable dashboards tailored to personal needs. We've built a fast and reliable framework so now you can arrange components and widgets of the Terminal any way you want

Messenger included!

Keep the conversation going inside Terminal. Share you insights with colleagues and pro buddies.

Huge amount of widgets!


You get one of the most powerful financial workstations available

Our professional Terminal components make your trading decisions faster, more accurate and profitable
Track your trading position and monitor distribution in real time
Monitor how social media influences the Market
Futures Quote board / Term Structure, Historical, Seasonality - Crypto (CME, CBOE, BITMEX, OKEX)
Calculate statistical measures, Fit and compare return distributions, Perform statistical Regression
Compare various instruments: Historical prices, Performance, Spreads, Ratios, Rolling Volatility and Correlations
Configure and follow real time Twitter / News headlines from market moving channels, your favourite influencers and news providers
Chat and share trade ideas with your peers. Create or join various trading communities
Show block movements on crypto main Exchanges, Pools and Whale wallets
Monitor cross instrument dependencies using time framed correlations and beta factors
Slice and dice the financial market and select the performant assets using drill down and screening tools
Add and follow real time market quotes for the various instruments and asset classes
Monitor market movements of various instruments using integrated real time charts
Note and save your trade ideas and analysis
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We cover it all

Global all asset class coverage

Trade FX, commodities, indices, cryptocurrenceis and more with Darqube Terminal to take advantage of both rising and falling prices.

Available cross-platform

Our terminals require no download and can be run directly from your web browser to bring you global equity, portfolio tools, institutional holdings data, analyst estimates, excel historical data and fundamentals

About mobile application

Fits everybody

From the novice trader to experienced experts

News and social media moves the market.
You know it instantly.

Create personalized, AI-curated briefings of highly specific news, data and twitts from over 30,000+ relevant news sources

Track the current buzz

Delivered in real-time

Highly customizable

All assets and fin topics

Upcoming industry events

Stay tuned!

Coming Soon
We are constantly working on new components and improving existing one. A lot of unique stuff will come soon.
Transactions Analyser
Calculate statistical measures
Fit and compare return distributions
Perform statistical Regression
Realtime Charts
Monitor market movements of various instruments using integrated real time charts
Crypto Calendar
Leading economic calendar for reliable cryptocurrency news
It covers all events that help crypto traders make better decisions

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